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“Modern Pantheon: God of War”

A Short Story

Two friends, Jordan and Taylor, sat huddled behind a tall stack of fold-up tables in the church fellowship. They’d been told by their Sunday school teacher that all the elementary-age children needed to go outside after church service while the youth and adults gathered in the fellowship hall for a special time together with a guest of honor, who would then visit the younger kids outside after finishing inside.

“Hell with that,” Taylor had whispered to Jordan. “Let’s check out the adult gathering.”

Nodding, Jordan gave Taylor a little smile.

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That’ll Quote: On Global Connectivity

Our connectedness to each other ultimately has nothing to do with states [nations]…. Our relationship to the other is that we are brothers and sisters; we’re humans. I’m a human, you’re a human. You’re in the image of God, I’m in the image of God. I was struck recently reading writings from Native Americans at the time that they were gradually being murdered and rounded up and moved off their land and so on. And they always called the settlers “our white brothers,” even when they were talking about the murderous things that had been unleashed on them, even when they were talking about their village being slaughtered. They would call them “our white brothers….” It was staggering.

David Blower
“We Really Existed and We Really Did This”
Nomad Podcast

Can You Spot the Difference?

Dueling Perspectives on Faith?

The time when young people are most likely to abandon their Christian upbringing is in their teens. And the reason most often given is unanswered doubts and questions. It’s time for parents, pastors, teachers, and youth leaders to step to the plate and provide answers to those questions.

Author Nancy Pearcey
from her endorsement of
So the Next Generation Will Know
by Sean McDowell and J. Warner Wallace

Aligning faith in God and certainty about what we believe and needing to be right in order to maintain a healthy faith—these do not make for a healthy faith in God. In a nutshell, that is the problem. And that is what I mean by the “sin of certainty.” … Doubt can certainly leave us empty and frightened, but that is precisely the benefit of doubt: it exposes the folly that strong faith means you need to “know what you believe,” that the more faith you “have,” the more certain you are. … But doubt is not the enemy of faith, a solely destructive force that rips us away from God, a dark cloud that blocks the bright warm sun of faith. Doubt is only the enemy of faith when we equate faith with certainty in our thinking.

Author Peter Enns
from his book
The Sin of Certainty

That’ll Quote: Coming Back to God

Great love and great suffering bring us back to God, and I believe this is how Jesus himself walked humanity back to God. It is not just a path of resurrection rewards but a path that now includes death and woundedness. 

Fr. Richard Rohr
from “Saved by the Cross”

“Evangelical Jesus on the Cross”

A Good Friday Short Story

Black clouds billow across the bleak sky. Distant thunder rumbles beyond Jerusalem. The sun dies overhead. Spiked through, Jesus hangs, bleeding, chest heaving, gasping forgiveness to the murdering ilk gathered round beneath him.

Bitter laughter erupts to the left of Jesus. A thief’s hoarse voice says, “Save yourself and us, Messiah!” The last word oozes sarcasm even as another rivulet of blood drips down the nose of Jesus.

“Enough, Uzzi—you blaspheming fool!” This strained voice comes from Jesus’s right—the other thief. “Death deserved is ours, not his.” A deep breath, then, “Jesus, my name … is Asa. Please …” Another breath. “Please remember me!”

Messiah’s eyes creep right, find Asa there—a thief, yes, but penitent, grasping forgiveness. A surge of life swells within Jesus, and he parts blood-wet, ragged lips. Words come, haggard, whispered at first, unheard by either thief, but then Messiah’s voice strengthens and smooth-spoken syllables follow:

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Hmm … “Great Works” = Setting an NFL Passing Record

It’s probably what I tell them every night before they go to bed, which is you can accomplish anything in life if you’re willing to work for it. Nothing’s given. Everything’s earned. God has equipped us for great works. I tell them that every night.

Drew Brees

New Orleans Saints quarterback

in reply to a question about what he told his children after

he had set the all-time NFL passing yardage mark Oct. 8, 2018,

as reported on and other sites

That’ll Quote: War and Jesus

The waging of war is incompatible with following Jesus.

Brian Zahnd

From “Brian Zahnd: Postcards from Babylon”

Newsworthy with Norsworthy podcast — Jan. 14, 2019

Worth a Read (and a Second Read) …

Extracts from a Thomas Merton essay,

“We Have to Make Ourselves Heard,”

first published in the June 1962 issue

of The Catholic Worker


It would be legitimate and even obligatory for all sane and conscientious people everywhere in the world to lay down their weapons and their tools and starve and be shot rather than cooperate in the war effort. If such a mass movement should spontaneously arise in parts of the world, in Russia and America, in China and in France, in Africa and in Germany, the human race could be saved from extinction….
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That’ll Quote: Finding God via Personal Experience

The Bible is not the pathway to God; the Spirit of God is the pathway.

Pete Enns

From “Pete Enns and Chris Green: The Revenant”

Newsworthy with Norsworthy podcast — Aug. 8, 2016


And for more by Pete Enns, check out “The Bible’s True Purpose Is to Make You Feel Good About Yourself (JK)”

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