You’re sitting at your computer, smiling, feeling an incredible sense of satisfaction in your heart. After more hours than you can count, you’ve finally finished your book – a work from deep within your soul that you want to share with the world.

But then the questions start hitting your mind: Is it the very best that it can be? Will anyone even want to read it? What’s my next step?

As an editor and a writer himself, John David understands the gamut of feelings that comes with getting your manuscript from your hard drive and into print. That’s why he’d love to partner with you in getting your book manuscript to the next level.


With a BA in theology, an MA focused on fiction, and over two decades of editorial/writing experience, John David has been privileged to work with some of the finest publishers in the nation, including Bethany House, David C Cook, Barbour, NavPress, Realms Fiction, Marcher Lord Press, and Whitaker House – where, as senior editor, he worked on James Byron Huggins’ Nightbringer, a book that Library Journal named one of its annual top five Christian novels.

To date, John David has had the opportunity to serve as an editor on more than 220 published titles and to work with authors from across the US and around the world. When he’s not helping authors fine-tune their manuscripts, John David loves spending time with his family in western Pennsylvania where they make their home, along with writing fiction, experiencing nature, reading (naturally), cooking, listening to music (mostly Springsteen and ’80s), watching well-written and -acted movies and TV series on DVD, working out, being a part of the Christian Alliance For Peace, and enjoying community at Pittsburgh Mennonite Church.

Services Offered:

  • Copyediting – Line-by-line and word-by-word editing for grammar, word usage, tone, format, mechanics of style, and consistency of facts, spelling, capitalization, and numerals. Also includes recommendations to author on part of editor. Revisions made by editor within Word document using tracking feature. Includes two rounds of editorial review.
  • Proofreading – A final polish to clean up typos, inconsistencies, misspellings, and punctuation problems. Revisions made by editor within Word document using tracking feature. Includes two rounds of editorial review.

(Please Note: Sorry, but I do not offer manuscript critiques/evaluations or developmental/substantive/content editing, nor do I work on textbook/academic material.)


  • Action/Adventure
  • Children’s Fiction
  • YA Fiction
  • Contemporary/Mainstream
  • Detective/Crime
  • Historical Fiction
  • Mystery/Suspense
  • Science Fiction/Fantasy
  • Thriller/Suspense
  • Christian Fiction/Nonfiction (all genres and ages)

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