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How Do Authors Find Time to Write?

I enjoy working with authors no matter how they approach the task of writing, whether it’s with bubbly joy and passion or steely grit and determination—or, more typically, a combination of both. In any case, these authors have done something that many other wishful writers have only talked and/or daydreamed about: they finished a book, perhaps even several.

And yet most of the authors I work with or know aren’t household names in the world of books, and they’re okay with that. They’re everyday folks, and most of them have full-time jobs. Like the wishful writers who have never completed a book—usually because “I just don’t have the time!”—these authors spend time with a significant other, keep up with family and friends, raise kids, attend church, go to work, see the doctor/dentist, take their cars to the mechanic, cook meals, clean homes, exercise, take care of pets, catch some zzz’s, and the list goes on and on.

So, then, how in the world do these authors find time to write?

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A Christian Author’s Audience

Don’t Let the Tail Wag the Dog When Writing Your Novel

So you’re a Christian and you feel like the Holy Spirit is speaking to your heart about writing a novel. If that’s you, then I hope you’ll take up the gauntlet and go with the Spirit’s leading, because your story has the potential to speak to the hearts of others, as I wrote about in a previous article. Now I want to share some thoughts about how the tail should not be wagging the dog in relation to your story and its market.

If you feel that God has given you a faith-based story to share with a primarily Christian audience, great! As believers, we need them, because they can edify, encourage, and entertain us. Your gift of storytelling through the crafting of the written word is one more way that the body of Christ is built up. So if this is you, I pray that you’ll write your story just as you feel God is leading you to do so.

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Set Yourself Up for Success

The Little Things Do Matter in Finishing Your Book

A close friend of mine recently told me he wanted to get serious about writing again, with the ultimate goal of finishing his nonfiction book. So I sent him some basic tips that come from an author I know personally, because my years of experience as a wordsmith have taught me that the little things do matter, and you’ll only find success if you give those little things due diligence.

So here are the tips I shared with my friend, via an author friend who lives by them:

  • Whether it’s writing the actual text, brainstorming ideas, smoothing out plot snags, etc., try to work on your book in some form or fashion every single day, unless perhaps you choose to take off every Sunday as a day of rest.
  • Create some kind of daily goal, whether it’s a fixed amount of time to work on your book or a target number of words to write for the day. Remember, even fifteen to thirty minutes a day is more than zero minutes a day. Same with words: you can’t go back and rework a blank page, so get those words on the page, even it’s a hundred a day.
  • Get rid of distractions, because even if writing may be a passion of yours, you still need to take it seriously. In the words of my author friend:

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Stories That Change the World

Why You Should Write That Novel if You’re a Christian Author

So you’re a Christian who follows God with all your heart, and you keep getting this inner nudge that you’re supposed to write a novel. Maybe you even have a great idea for a story simmering in your imagination.

So what’s stopping you?*

Maybe the better question is, do you know that your story will have the potential to change lives as God works through the words you write and speaks to the hearts of your readers?

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