George Kudrick didn’t go to war in WWII’s Pacific Theater to fight or kill anyone.

He didn’t go to represent the United States or its flag.

He didn’t go to protect the right to vote or any other rights of US citizens.

He didn’t go to safeguard the US as a nation.

He didn’t go out of anger, hatred, vengeance, or patriotism.


He went because evil was being done and it needed to be stopped.

He went because children, women, and men were dying and suffering.

He went because he wanted to see peace instead of war in the world.

He went because in his mind it was the only way he could help right a wrong.


And so I’ll honor my Grampap’s memory because I knew the humanity of his spirit. I saw the kind of selfless love he had in his heart because, along with my Gram and Dad, he raised me and my sister. That kind of love could end all wars.


“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Jesus of Nazareth

The Book of John

Chapter 13, Verse 35