A Short Story about Being Human

“Hey, you mind if I sit here? Seems like the only open seat in the place.”

“Yeah, go ahead.”

“Geez, look at all these people. It’s like coffee just got outlawed and everyone’s making a run for the nearest café.” 

“Heh. Yeah.”

“Sorry, I’ll shut up and drink my joe and leave you alone, I promise.”

“No, no. I don’t mind some company. Crazy morning.”

“Yeah? I just got off the bus after an all-night ride. In town to visit a couple friends from back in high school. They just moved here. Figured I’d get some caffeine in my veins before I head over. So is there something going on today? Couldn’t believe all the people downtown this time of morning on a Saturday.”

“There was a big rally—protest, I guess some would call it.”

“You know, now you mention it, I did see a few people walking down the street holding some kind of signs—but not up in the air. Just carrying them. Didn’t think anything of it. Figured they might be sidewalk barkers getting ready to set up in front of some store that’s going out of business—‘Everything Must Go!’ You know, that sort of thing. But you say it was a protest—I mean, rally … or whatever.”

“Mm-hmm. It’s why this place is so crowded … and probably every other coffee shop or fast-food joint within a few blocks.”

“Oooo, that’s some hot joe. Need to get some in me, though. So … this rally-protest thing, what was that about? Oh, sorry, I’m Jordan, by the way.”

“Riley. And it was a rally against the mayor’s decision to sign a bathroom bill to provide restrooms for LT … GB. You know what I mean: trans people and those types. Today’s the first day the bill goes into effect and the mayor had a special Saturday meeting in City Hall early this morning, so we were out before dark waiting for him to show up, and we stayed until he left a bit ago.”

“Wait … ‘we’? You said, ‘we,’ right? So you were part of it?”


“So you’re … Wait, did you have a—Wow, you had a sign? What’s it say? I can’t see it the way it’s pointed down there.”

“Hold on.”

“There it is. … ‘Homosexuality Is a Choice.’ So you’re against LGBTQIA-plus people, then?”

“Mmm, no. I’d say I’m for the people but against the sin.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard that one before, so I’m guessing you’re religious? What, Christian … or maybe Islam?”


“Okay. … Ah, coffee’s just about right. Hey, can I ask you something, just to hear where you’re coming from? About the whole homosexuality thing, I mean.”

“Yeah, sure.”

To be continued …