A Beautiful Fall by Chris Coppernoll (proofread)

A Bigger Life by Annette Smith (proofread)

A Mile in My Shoes by Tammi L. Jackson (copyedit)

A Portrait for Marguerite by Kate Lloyd (proofread)

A Treacherous Mix by Kathy Herman (proofread)

Aboard the Pirate by Veronica Cherry (critique, content edit)

Aethersmith by J.S. Morin (critique, copyedit)

All for One by Melody Carlson (proofread)

Animalis by John Peter Jones (critique, copyedit)

Anna the Wereshark Mermaid by David Howland (proofread)

As Young as We Feel by Melody Carlson (proofread)

Bodyboard Badger by David Howland (proofread)

Black Box by Larry Jones (proofread)

Captain Sedition by K.C. Fusaro (proofread)

Chainge by Ken Dean (critique, copyedit)

Citadel 7: Quall Assassin Crossfire by Yuan Jur (copyedit)

Citadel 7: The Betrayer by Yuan Jur (copyedit)

Citadel 7: Enemy of Existence by Yuan Jur (critique, content edit)

Citadel 7: War and Lies by Yuan Jur (critique, content edit)

Crime Scene Jerusalem by Alton Gansky (proofread)

End Online by D. Wolfin (content edit)

EtherWorks: The Beginning by Lawrence Lucken (copyedit)

EtherWorks: The Girl with the Red Hair and Green Eyes by Lawrence Lucken (copyedit)

False Pretenses by Kathy Herman (proofread)

Firehurler by J.S. Morin (critique, copyedit)

Five Days in Skye by Carla Laureano (proofread)

Forgive One Another by Krystena Lee (copyedit)

From Bad to Worse by Todd and Jedd Hafer (proofread)

Godiva by David Rose (proofread)

Going for Broke by Melanie Dobson (proofread)

Heading Home by Renee Riva (proofread)

Healer by Linda Windsor (proofread)

His Kingdom Come by Margaret Montreuil (critique)

How Sweet the Sound by Amy Sorrells (proofread)

Howell Davidson amongst the Musketeers by Steven. R. Culver (critique)

I Can Do All Things by Krystena Lee (copyedit)

Informed Consent by Sandra Glahn (proofread)

Jack Staples and the Poet’s Storm by Mark Batterson and Joel N. Clark (proofread)

Johnny Avalanche by David Howland (proofread)

Journeys to Elgobon: The Mountain by Perry Crompton (copyedit)

Judah’s Scepter by D. A. Brittain (critique, content edit)

Jude by Jeff Nesbit (proofread)

Kinsman Chronicles: Part 1 by Jill Williamson (proofread)

Kinsman Chronicles: Part 2 by Jill Williamson (proofread)

Kinsman Chronicles: Part 3 by Jill Williamson (proofread)

Kinsman Chronicles: Part 4 by Jill Williamson (proofread)

Kinsman Chronicles: Part 5 by Jill Williamson (proofread)

Kinsman Chronicles: Part 6 by Jill Williamson (proofread)

Kinsman Chronicles: Part 7 by Jill Williamson (proofread)

Kinsman Chronicles: Part 8 by Jill Williamson (proofread)

Kinsman Chronicles: Part 9 by Jill Williamson (proofread)

Knuckle Sandwich by Adam Palmer (proofread)

Let Go the Reins by John D. Hughes (copyedit)

Lucifer’s Question by David Howland (proofread)

Majesty’s Offspring by AJ Vega (critique, copyedit)

Mama, What Is the Meaning of Christmas? by Mable A. Justice (content edit)

MicroBrain by Evan P.C. Rion (content edit)

Mirror Souls by A.J. Blakemont (copyedit)

Monroe’s Map by Kristina León Cuvée (copyedit)

Mooch by Adam Palmer (proofread)

Mothers’ Board by LaShaunda Jackson-Williams (copyedit)

New Country by Michael Wolfe (copyedit)

Night Rain by Joe Hilley (proofread)

Nightbringer by James Byron Huggins (content edit)

O Little Town by Don Reid (proofread)

Oka Irathace: Book 1 by David Howland (copyedit)

Oka Irathace: Book 2 by David Howland (copyedit)

Oka Irathace: Book 3 by David Howland (copyedit)

Oka Irathace: Book 4 by David Howland (copyedit)

Only by Death by Kathy Herman (proofread)

Outsmarting Time by Laura Hanks Kline (critique, copyedit)

Patched Together by Brennan Manning (proofread)

Peach Pit by David Howland (proofread)

Persian Blood by M.G. Haynes (critique, content edit)

Peter Wilson’s Dream Theater by John C. Archer (content edit)

Portal Through the Pond by David K. Anderson (critique, content edit)

Possessed by Scott Charles Howell (copyedit)

Praying for Mrs. Mombasa by Doug Brendel (copyedit)

Q. Fulvius I: Debt of Dishonor  by M.G. Haynes (critique, content edit)

Q. Fulvius II: A Pirate’s Life by M.G. Haynes (critique, content edit)

Randy’s Rock Socks by David Howland (proofread)

Rupture by Milo Woods (copyedit)

Safe at Home by Richard Doster (proofread)

Scared by Tom Davis (proofread)

Sex, Drugs & Spiritual Enlightenment (but mostly the first two) by Karuna Das (critique)

Shepherd’s Son by Terry W. Burns (proofread)

Short Stories from Small Town Texas by Sid Sandford (copyedit)

Silver Ships: Libre by S.H. Jucha (critique, copyedit)

Silver Ships: Méridien by S.H. Jucha (copyedit)

Small Town Texas by Sid Sanford (copyedit)

Snow Flurry by David Howland (proofread)

Sticky Greenfingers by David Howland (proofread)

Stolen Lives by Brian Reaves (proofread)

Stretch Marks by Kimberly Stewart (proofread)

Taking Tuscany by Renee Riva (proofread)

Talking to the Dead by Bonnie Grove (proofread)

The Adventures of Eli Frost: Mystery in the Dark Jungle by D.A. Silva (content edit)

The Adventures of Eli Frost: Mystery in the Shadow of Mount Rushmore by D.A. Silva (content edit)

The Arrival by JW Brazier (critique, content edit)

The Blue Umbrella by Mike Mason (proofread)

The Bodhisattva of Attika by Paulette Bibeau (critique)

The Chozien Path: Book 1 by Krystal B. Clark (copyedit)

The Dark Legion by Michael Holladay (critique, copyedit)

The Darkslayer: Volume II by Craig Halloran (critique, content edit, copyedit)

The Decision by Michael D. Komeshak (copyedit)

The Deposition by Joe Hilley (proofread)

The Devil’s Apprentice by John Wallen (proofread)

The Doctor of Dunstable Plains by Traci Stead (copyedit)

The Fragment Murder by Andrew Bonar (copyedit)

The Gathering Place by Becca Anderson (proofread)

The Great Grape Escape by David Howland (proofread)

The Key to Nede by Karisa Ewinger (critique, content edit)

The Ladders of Death by Philippe Erhard (copyedit)

The Latest Mrs. Furst by Susan Martins Miller (proofread)

The Light Whispered by J. Christopher Earl (critique)

The Longed Tales by Mohamed AR (critique, content edit)

The Lucifer Project by Jon Flagg (copyedit)

The Micah Judgment by Jim Kraus (proofread)

The Mighty Maldoon by Michael D. Komeshak (copyedit)

The Peacemakers by Jack Cavanaugh (proofread)

The Persistent Road by Tim Bishop (copyedit)

The Pilgrim by JP Sylvester (content edit)

The Portal by Allen Hively (critique, content edit)

The Potter of Paradox by Traci Stead (copyedit)

The Protectorate Wars: Born Hero by SA Shaffer (content edit)

The Real Enemy by Kathy Herman (proofread)

The Red Storm by Thomas Dawn (content edit)

The Reluctant Journey of David Connors by Don Locke (proofread)

The Reluctant Prophet by Nancy Rue (proofread)

The Renewal by Terri Kraus (proofread)

The Renovation by Terri Kraus (proofread)

The Restorer by Sharon Hinck (proofread)

The Restorer’s Journey by Sharon Hinck (proofread)

The Restorer’s Son by Sharon Hinck (proofread)

The Royalist by Glen Wiley (copyedit)

The Senator’s Youngest Daughter by Kelley Rose Waller (copyedit)

The Shadows of Freedom 1: In the Shadows of Freedom by C & C Spellman (copyedit)

The Shadows of Freedom 2: A Nation of Tyrants by C & C Spellman

The Shepherd of Shotton Cross by Traci Stead (copyedit)

The Silent Deal by Levi Stack (proofread)

The Sprigs of Defiance by Samer Samna (critique, content edit)

The Summer the Wind Whispered My Name by Don Locke (proofread)

The Unfortunate Karma of Breone Baine by Deidre Havrelock (proofread)

The Violet Flash by Mike Mason (proofread)

Three Weddings and a Bar Mitzvah by Melody Carlson (proofread)

To Dance in the Desert by Kathleen Popa (proofread)

To Protect Mankind by Michael D. Komeshak (copyedit)

Torrent by Lisa T. Bergren (proofread)

War of Shadows: Soul Census by A.J. Vega (copyedit)

White Wolf by Jay Argent (copyedit)

Winterflight by Joseph Bayly (proofread)

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