Nightbringer “You have a true talent, John David, something God-given. All the learning in the world can’t give it to you, and nothing can take it away. You comprehend on several levels far beneath the story itself, a rare thing in literature these days. You can have my back anytime.”
– James Byron Huggins, Author of A Wolf Story, The Reckoning, Leviathan, Cain, Hunter, Rora, Nightbringer, The Scam, Sorcerer

Kinsman-Chronicles-Part-4----Kingdom-at-Sea “John David Kudrick is thorough, adaptable, and attentive. His strength in proofreading for us has been providing consistent work on an epic fantasy series, and his grasp of detail throughout the intricate story arc has been especially helpful.”
– Elisa Tally, Assistant Editor, Bethany House Publishers

Love-Dating-and-Marriage “I highly recommend John David Kudrick. As an editor for Whitaker House, his strong leadership and management skills became very evident and he was soon promoted to senior editor. John was instrumental in Whitaker House’s expansion into Christian fiction.”
– Robert Whitaker, Jr., President, Whitaker House Publishers

From-Bad-to-Worse “John David Kudrick’s copyediting and proofreading skills have been a great benefit for NavPress. John’s attention to detail and knowledge of language give him the foundation that every good copyeditor needs. He has the skills to spot errors and refine writing, resulting in a clean, polished manuscript. And his responsible and professional manner means you can depend on him to follow through on deadlines.”
– Darla Hightower, Former Production Director, NavPress

The-Face-of-the-Deep “One of my responsibilities is to send our trade-book manuscripts out to freelance proofreaders. It has been my pleasure to work with John David Kudrick, one of our A-list freelancers, during this period. John David is a magnificent proofreader, as he has done stellar work for our publishing company. He not only catches all of the little details by adhering to The Chicago Manual of Style rules, but he also queries questionable content when he thinks something is off (for instance, a timeline discrepancy in a fiction book). In addition, John David has never missed a deadline. In fact, a good amount of his projects have even come in a few days early. These extra miles separate him from our average proofreaders, who simply follow the rules and do not care about the content or the quality of the book nearly as much. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with John David. He’s a joy to visit with and a wonderful professional to work with. I could not give a freelancer a higher recommendation.”
– Jack Campbell, Copyeditor/Project Coordinator, David C Cook

Deliver-Us-from-Me-Ville “As a copy editor and project coordinator at David C. Cook, I have a long list of freelance proofreaders to choose from for each project. John David Kudrick is at the top of that list as a thorough, dependable proofreader. He consistently turns in excellent work, catching the tiny details as well as finding discrepancies in the overarching stories and themes of the books. He is willing to complete rushed projects, and I know I can count on him for high-pressure jobs. I thoroughly recommend him for any project.”
– Jaci Schneider, Former Copyeditor/Project Coordinator, David C Cook

Testimonial from James Byron Huggins